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SSS2 Episode 9 - Pills, shakes, surgery and commercial weight loss programs.

This is the last episode of this series. In it I look at the evidence for surgery and commercial weight loss programs.

We then recap the series and put it all together.

Here are some of the references.

This article is about the success of bariatric surgery, with regard to diabetes. It showed that after 5 years 50% of people with diabetes remained in remission. Other articles I read said it was more like 25%, but even at the lower rates these are impressive results.

This is about commercial weight loss programs, and how they do have modest success with about 5% weight loss, although with a drop out rate from the trial of up to 20% you have to question this.

And here is an article that shows many commercial programs fail to achieve more than 5% and have high drop out rates....

And this article from 2020 that shows the most successful graduates from weight watchers are those who eat more healthily and turn this into a habit. Not published in the journal of the bleeding obvious, but maybe it should be.


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