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Episode 5 part 2 - Two relaxation exercises to go.

This episode is all about portable relaxation. Previously we have done exercises that require about 20 minutes of quiet time, but today there are two exercises that can be done anywhere you like.

The first is a simple breathing pattern that will take about a minute. It is in common use in situations as diverse as yoga classes to navy SEAL training ( that's the commandos, not the animals). I will teach you the timing tricks so that it works well, as the common mistake people make is doing it too quickly, which can make things worse.

The second is an exercise in relaxation with the eyes open focussed on any everyday object or scene. You can do this for as long as you like; the podcast exercise goes for about 10 minutes. I find myself doing this on the bus, or even in bed before I get up in the morning. Think of it as an alternative for those moments that you now fill with pointlessly looking at your phone, or scrolling through facebook. Enjoy!

Here are some links about the breathing exercises.

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