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Episode 11 part 1 - Live longer with a doctor in the family.

It was so cold when I made this episode that I was thinking about skiing.

This is a photo of the Schlink Hilton, where I will be staying in a few weeks. Its got nothing to do with the podcast at all really, except for the tenuous link that the good Dr Schlink was an avid cross country skier, and we can presume he influenced his friends and family to partake in similar healthy activities.

Research conducted by Stanford university researchers found that if you have a doctor or a nurse in the family you are more likely to live longer, and this podcast delves into this research and looks at why.

It's not because doctors treat their families, or just because they are rich; it has to do with the endless nagging that occurs around the doctor's dinner table.

Or something like that.'

Which means you can be part of it too - even if you don't have a doctor in the family. Just listen to my podcast and accept the nagging!

This will be the last in the first season of soothing science.

Next season will concentrate on nutrition...well that's how it will start any way.

Stay warm this winter, cheers Adrian.

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