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SSS2 Ep 5 - Corona - Possible ways to avoid the ventilator.

This episode is now out of date. I wouldn't bother listening, unless you have historical interest in what was being talked about at the time.

Another Corona episode. Here I am looking at simple interventions that you can do at home that may help you to avoid developing the more serious form of Covid 19 illness. These are not guaranteed of course - and at this stage they are not proven to help as there is not enough research yet - but they are founded on reasonably good science and are cheap, easy and mostly harmless. (although we must take a bit of care with vitamin D and hot water).

The list is below, and I have put the rationale for each suggestion and the original papers and sources I used are listed on a separate page that can be found in the menu at the top - "resources for SSS2 ep5".

  • Sleep - at least 7 hours.

  • Vitamin D supplement - 1000 units a day, maybe more.

  • Hot baths, showers or a sauna - maybe 3 a week.

  • Exercise - moderate and regular - not extreme.

  • Relaxation or meditation to reduce stress hormones.

  • Plant based low inflammatory diet.

  • Be the correct weight.

  • Make sure you are not zinc deficient.

In the podcast I go through each in turn. The most intriguing is the hydrothermal therapy - ie hot and cold water treatment - and I am indebted to my colleague Dr Emma Campbell, who is researching this treatment, for making me aware of the history and scientific underpinnings for this.

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