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Stopping Smoking

With the help of self Hypnosis
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Stopping Smoking with Self Hypnosis - information page.


  1. Do you smoke?

  2. Have you had  previous attempts at stopping that have been unsuccessful?

  3. Are you looking for a new approach because you feel you are stuck?

  4. Have you talked about stopping with your GP and still been unable to find a plan that works?

               If you answered yes to these questions, then this page will be useful. 

But remember.....

Most people who stop smoking do so using simple, free techniques that are widely available and scientifically proven.  Most smokers do not need to use the self hypnosis techniques found in this podcast, and I would only suggest going further if you have answered yes to ALL of the above questions.

If you have not answered yes to these questions, then you should make an appointment with your GP and enrol in the very good free iCanQuit program offered by the NSW government. This is a scientifically validated effective pathway to stopping smoking, and you should take it. Hypnosis will not provide an easier alternative - It is a different approach, but not necessarily an easier one. 

You may of course still listen if you are attending your GP and doing the iCanQuit program. But don't let these podcasts distract you from the work of stopping. 

About Self Hypnosis.

  • Self hypnosis is not standard medical practice. Although I am a trained GP, hypnosis is not part of mainstream medicine. It is in no way an established medical practice, and does not have scientific underpinnings in any accepted way. Just because I am a doctor does not mean you should take these podcasts as medical advice - this page is a separate unrelated project to my work as a doctor, no different to a doctor making a podcast about philosophy or model railways. Of course I believe there is a useful overlap- but that is my own personal belief and is not backed by research or peer reviewed evidence.

  • Do not listen to the recordings if you have the following serious psychiatric disorders:

  1. Schizophrenia or other conditions with delusions.

  2. Dissociative disorders.

  3. Any serious mental illness like depression or PTSD where dissociation is common.

  • Having said that, self-hypnosis is easy and enjoyable, and can act as a way to learn new habits and patterns of thinking much more quickly than usual. In fact, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis in the end, as it is your mind that develops the relaxed trance that enhances change and learning. The hypnotists voice is merely the guide, and with a little practice you can do it on your own without the recording.

  • Hypnosis has a weak link to science, with psychologists debating whether it actually exists or not. It has a stronger overlap, in my opinion, with rhetoric, entertainment, advertising and religious sermonising. The techniques of hypnosis are well understood by anyone who's job it is to influence people to change their behaviour. It also overlaps with meditation, which is another form of relaxed trance.

  • The essential process of self hypnosis is to develop a relaxed trance and then to change the patterns of thought and habits associated with smoking. That's what we will be doing together in the podcasts.


The podcasts are free to access. I would appreciate it if you could make a voluntary payment to cover my costs and to reward me for the work of putting this together. Hit the "Donate" button to make a voluntary payment. Thanks. 

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Everything on this website and in the podcasts is free. I am on a mission to reduce smoking rates.

I would appreciate a voluntary payment to cover my costs and work if you can afford it.

A dollar or two is enough to cover costs.

When you stop smoking you will have thousands of dollars more per year. If you believe that my course has helped you to stop, then I would like you to pay me the equivalent of a couple of packets of cigarettes, or whatever amount you believe appropriate.

Its up to you and there is no obligation.

Note that the "donation" above is actually a voluntary payment. I am not a charity - it is not tax deductible - there was just no other way I could work out setting up a voluntary payment.

Help Support My Work

Dr.Adrian Plaskitt

General practitioner, and science enthusiast.

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