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Episode 8 Part 1 - of Parkrun and Pickle Juice.

Parkrun is a weekly festival that is held at 8am on Saturday mornings at nearly fifteen hundred different parks around the world. It is based around running, but in my opinion it's actually a free festival of community kindness run by volunteers, with a focus on exercise as pathway to good health. You should attend, even if you don't think of yourself as particularly fit or sporty - you will be amongst friends. And, Parkrun is also a hotbed of community science, with several articles published using Parkrun data.

Which brings us to pickle juice - an unlikely but proven cure for cramps.

I hope you enjoy this podcast in praise of Parkrun and Pickle juice.

Here are some links:

Newy and Stockton Parkrun pages, if you live locally to Soothing Science HQ.

Effects of Parkrun on childbirth - research by Professor Andrew Shennan, Professor of Obstetrics and Tommy’s Clinical Director at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital and colleagues.

Magnesium doesn't work for cramps - research by Dr Scott Garrison and colleagues at the university of Alberta.

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