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SSS2- Ep2 Horse blood and Glycogen

In this photo you might think there are are two foods. Actually there is only one - the eggplant is food - it grows in the garden. The milo is a "manufactured food like product" - it comes from a factory. In this episode I ask the question- What is food? And explore different ways of defining it which will help you get and stay healthier.

We all know the old phrase "you are what you eat" - well, what would you rather be - something that grows in the garden nurtured by sunshine and rain, or something that comes out of a factory?

We also look at how our tastes can be learnt and re learnt, and that if we were soldiers in Genghis Khan's army we would think nothing of enjoying a nice cup of warm horse's blood fresh from the vein at the end of the day.

I will also talk about glycogen, and why the scales move up and down so much when you start a diet but then slow down after a week or two.

I hope you enjoy the show and at the end there is an exercise designed to help you really savour your food, instead of eating it without thinking about it.

The phrase "edible food like product" is not mine - it was coined by Michael Pollan and here is a link to him talking about this.

(there is a lot more interesting info in his books if you want to search them up.

And if you want to know more about Genghis Khan then have a listen to Dan Carlin's hardcore history - he is my podcast hero in many ways. The one about Genghis Khan is called the wrath of Khans - you'll have to pay for it - but if you want a sense of his show listen to the present episode about world war 2...

See you next time.

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