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SSS2 Episode 8 - Serving size, calories and fasting overnight.

Cameras have got smaller as plates have got bigger since 1974. It's hard to see because of perspective, but the bowl on the right from today holds almost twice as much as the one on the left from 1974.

This episode explores the myth of calories- how a perfectly respectable unit of energy has become a tool of the food industry to nudge you towards unhealthy foods. We also look at how portion size has increased over the years, and why this has occurred. And if you have ever been camping without a torch, you will know exactly why an overnight fast makes a lot of sense and may help you to be healthier.

Did you know that the data that is used to calculate how many calories are in your food was collected by putting people into metal chambers over 100 years ago and feeding them a purified diet? This fact alone should make you think twice about how useful it is to use this to guide your food choices.

Here is some information about the original experiments on calories.

And did you know that portion size has been gradually increasing over the last 50 years?

And here is a list of all the Adventist studies - about the health benefits of being a Seventh Day Adventist ( well, at least eating according to that religion).

Here is a summary of different meal times through history (from the BBC).

And here is an article about intermittent fasting. (Its the New England Journal of medicine and you will have to create a free account to look at it).


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