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Episode 3 - Curing the common cold and garden relaxation.

leaves of fig tree.

Hi there. I have split the show into two separate parts as requested by listeners. That way you can go straight to the relaxation exercise more easily.

Listen here

It has taken me so long to do this show because I have been so busy with work as seasonal respiratory illnesses sweep through the community. This has got me thinking about the science of viruses, and how their very existence blurs the boundary between living things and simple chemicals. But on a more practical level I talk about a recent review article by Dr Hemila from Finland who has been brave enough to say that the phrase "there is no cure for the common cold" is no longer justified.

To cut a long story short - zinc lozenges taken at the first sign of a cold reduce the length and severity of illness by about 30%. But you have to get the right sort of lozenge, and that is not so easy here in Australia. I have ordered some online, and can hardly wait for my next sore throat to try them out....

Part 2 is a relaxation exercise that I have based on the Sydney Botanic Gardens. If you have ever been there you will know that you step out of the center of government of one of the busiest cities in the southern hemisphere into a cool oasis of calmness. In the relaxation exercise we practice moving our mental state from one zone to the other, so it becomes easier to do this at will, when you desire it. Thanks to the folks at freesound for the effects.

Hope you enjoy the show, cheers Dr Adrian.

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