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Episode 7 Part 1 - The problems with mental health apps, and a natural treatment for depression.

In this episode we first have a look at some research into mental health apps. The work was carried out by Dr Lisa Parker and colleagues at the university of Sydney, and you can see the article here. They had a look at dozens of apps and made disturbing observations that many of them were inaccurate and potentially could make problems worse. I go through the details of this study in the podcast. Luckily for me the effects of podcasts were not surveyed....

So if apps aren't the answer what is. Well it turns out that there is a treatment for depression that is so natural it really doesn't seem like a treatment at all - yet is as effective at preventing relapse as taking a long term antidepressant.

In fascinating research from University of Queensland, Professors Catherine and Alex Haslam and colleagues look at the profound effects that social connection can have on the outcomes of depression. This research gives a therapist like me another string to my bow - it's called social prescribing. Here is a link to a review of the research - they have also recently published a book which would be worth a read I think.....on my summer reading list.

I hope you enjoy listening and please rate the show on itunes or facebook or whatever so that I can get a bigger audience - that way one day it might be a real podcasts with guests and music that I actually pay for rather than play on my dented old flute from high school.

Cheers Adrian.

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