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Soothing Science.

A companion site to the podcast.

          Soothing Science is a podcast that I have put together for people interested in becoming more in control of their health.

          My day job is that of a GP - a family doctor - and that makes me used to taking complex  information and transforming it into a form that is relevant and helpful to the person in front of me. I also learn so much from the people I am privileged to meet. They are often in  difficult and frightening circumstances, and I am so lucky to be able to observe the way they cope with adversity.

         I've been doing this job a long time now, and feel I have learnt a lot of useful tips that are not particularly complicated to improve health. And in recent years I have started relaxation exercises and meditation myself and its been great for me, so I would like to share that more widely too. 

         So I hope listening will do the same for you. Each episode follows the same format- the first part of the show is about some facet of scientific research that helps us understand our complex human world; the second part is a relaxation exercise, or meditation that will relax the listener. As I explain in the first episode there are logical, scientific reasons why being more relaxed and tranquil helps us in so many ways, and if you practice these skills then you will find your baseline mood becomes naturally less negative and more optimistic. 

         I will choose areas that are relevant to day to day life, like sleep, nutrition and relationships, where we have often lost touch in our modern world with our natural drives and rhythms. And I will also choose some much more traditional medical topics that are complex and confusing, like cancer prevention and screening, where I think I can cut through and make sense of the mountains of conflicting advice that is out there.

        So I hope you enjoy the shows and feel free to leave some comments in the forum. I am gonna need new idea for episodes pretty quickly, so don't hold back if you have a good one.


Contact us?

You can leave a comment by following the link to the podcast episodes.  Or email me at:


Dr.Adrian Plaskitt

General practitioner, and science enthusiast.

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