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Episode 4 -Part 2 - Kindness Relaxation

This relaxation exercise is about kindness. We focus on the relationship between a kind person and their pet. That is because the relationship between human and pet is usually one of unconditional kindness. It does not matter whether you have a pet or not or whether you prefer one animal over another- if you can imagine that such a relationship can exist then you will have no trouble doing the exercise.

Once you have developed a feeling of kindness then we turn that emotion towards ourselves. When we are kind to ourselves change is easier, and as it is the time of year when many of us try to make changes to our lifestyle, it is a good time to do this meditation.

It sounds a bit corny I know, but you will find it helpful.

Kindness is in short supply on the internet, and we are often all to ready to be unkind to ourselves, so this is a counter to that.

Enjoy! And please send me any comments or ideas that you may have - I am very interested in what people think of these.

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