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Soothing Science.

Hypnotherapy in Stockton.
About Hypotherapy.

Have you ever wondered why you vividly remember certain events from the distant past, but not others?

Or why one day you suddenly decide to make that change you have been contemplating for years?

There are many things that go on in our brain beneath the surface, and hypnosis is one way that we can understand and influence the deeper parts of our minds- those  subconscious and automatic parts of our personalities.

Many of the events from the past that we vividly remember are so clear because the memory was stored during a particularly intense emotional time. Hypnosis makes use of this process by utilising a relaxing and pleasurable mental state called a trance, which enables the words used and ideas discussed to be incorporated much more quickly into the memory and subconscious mind. Some have called it a state of "super learning".

If you have been doing the relaxation exercises that I have made for Soothing Science, then you are already good at achieving a trance-like state.

Hypnosis is a pleasurable and relaxing experience, and one that is completely under the control of the patient - in medical hypnosis no attempt is made to control or influence the patient against their will.


Rather, hypnotherapy helps the patient remove the negative patterns and barriers that are preventing their true will from being expressed. With the use of hypnotherapy you will be better able to make the changes you desire to make, and be the person you want to be.

The patient is awake, aware and conscious the whole time; it's a mental state that is not too different from watching a good movie that seems to take you into another world. At one level you are experiencing the reality of the movie; on another you know you can look away from the screen and do something different at any time if you want or need to. Hypnosis is much the same.  I say or do nothing under hypnosis that I would not say or do in ordinary consultation - it is just that with the aid of the trance state the chances of the patient really changing and overcoming the barriers is much higher than during and ordinary conversation.

Hypnotherapy is very useful for breaking bad habits - whether they be habits of the mind like negative thinking, anxiety or self consciousness or habits of the body like smoking, excessive eating etc. 

I do not propose it as a therapy for any major mental illness such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or major depression - these need to be assessed and managed as appropriate by experts. However, hypnosis can certainly help people with these illnesses to relax more and leave behind some of the more negative thought patterns.

It is also very useful in helping to control the lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes as stress reduction has a direct effect on the hormone systems that contribute to these. 

So if you think it might suit you; if you enjoy the podcast -  then give me a call at Stockton Surgery and we can arrange an appointment.

Appointments at Stockton.

Phone 49281455

Costs - vary depending on time required and ability to pay.

Staring at a candle flame or a flickering fire induces a natural, pleasant, trance- like state. This is the same sort of mind state that we use in hypnosis.

Dr.Adrian Plaskitt

General practitioner, and science enthusiast.

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