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Episode 9 - Intrinsic value relaxation exercise.

rock paintings

Hi everyone, just a relaxation exercise today, as I have not yet put my ideas together about the next science topic.

This exercise will focus on your sense of intrinsic value. During the exercise I will ask you to imagine looking at yourself from the outside, looking below the surface layers of appearance and achievements and into the deeper layers beneath. Much as our indigenous elders look at the internal and spirit world of their subjects when they do paintings. ( Actually the picture above does not show the x ray style, but I could not find an example that does which I was sure was permitted to use - this picture is from wikipedia and hopefully they have checked all the permissions).

So look below your surface to your essence and develop the same sense of wonder and awe that you would feel at the sight of a scenic wonder, or a piece of great art, or a newborn baby - a sense of wonder and gratitude simply for being, not for doing.

After all, we are human beings, not human doings....

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