Soothing Science.

An Australian relaxation podcast.

  This site is still being worked on - eventually I will have notes for each show and some links and maybe a forum...but for now if you would like to leave feedback about the show just email me on the email address below the photo of my cat Blackie.       


Soothing Science is a podcast that I have put together because I am on a mission to help people learn the knack of relaxing and meditating in order to become more peaceful and creative.

So far I have just made one episode which can be found here:  Episode 1 - Beach scene

           My day job is that of a GP - a family doctor - and that makes me pretty good at taking complex  information and transforming it into a form that is relevant and helpful to the person in front of me.

           That's the science part of the show - interesting and relevant info from the world of  health science.

            The soothing part is a guided relaxation or meditation exercise. There are good logical reasons why we should all spend some time each day doing something like this and I will give you a series of simple guided exercises that I think you will enjoy.

        So I hope you enjoy the shows and feel free to leave some comments in the forum. I am gonna need new idea for episodes pretty quickly, so dont hold back if you have a good one.


Contact us?

Eventually I will have  social media and all that. Maybe. Until then email me at:

Dr.Adrian Plaskitt

General practitioner, and science enthusiast.