Episode 11 part 2 - Horse Relaxation

June 13, 2019

 Listen here to the podcast.


Is this a picture of a mighty brumby or a feral horse? I took it in Kosciusko National Park a couple of years ago. This relaxation exercise uses our relationship with horses to help us to relax and to help us with our psychological flexibility - the ability to look at things from different viewpoints. Enjoy it.


Thanks to Sylvia Plath for a few lines of poetry - here is a link to a wonderful short film where she reads the classic poem Ariel - written about her horse by the same name. 


And here are the links to some other you tube videos:

Horse training in an Arizona Prison

and Monty Roberts, master horse whisperer.


And thanks to the website Freesounds particularly contributor inspectorJ for the horse sounds. 


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